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CA,CS,Advocate & Tax Consultant

Join us on a transformative journey as we specialize in enhancing businesses through automation. We harness the power of cutting-edge technology to seamlessly integrate automation solutions, optimizing operational efficiency and redefining the essence of success

Our Specialized Services & Software


Software For- CA,Advocate, Tax Concultant

Income Tax Returns

TDS Return

GST Return & Invoices


Digital Signature & eTokens

Class-3 Signing & Combo

DGFT – Import/Export

Document Signer

HYP2003 & WD Proxkey


Business Email Hosting Service

Spam in Inbox?

Data theft?

Nobody to call for support?

Lost old emails & contacts?


Marketing Tools

Bulk Email (Cold/Marketing)

Bulk SMS

WhatsApp Marketing Software

WhatsApp API


Tools For CA’s​

Schedule 3 Automation Tool

Balance Sheet Automation Tool

Fixed Asset Register with Perpetual Depreciation Calculator


Website Design & Development

Small Business Websites

Professional Website

Corporate Website

eCommerce Website


Billing Software Small Businesses

Billing & Invoicing

GST Return Filing

HR & Payroll

GST e-Invoicing

Invoice & Collect

Connected Banking


Software For Stoter, Operations Management​

Medical & Pharmacy Store

Kirana/Departmental Store

Salon & Spa

Sports & Fitness

Automobile Store


Professional Designs​

Daily Event Post

Video Editing


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